I know there are some of you that have been PRAYING and PETITIONING for things a long time.


It may seem as if you will never get what you asked for. Well, trust me that may be the farthest thing from the truth. There’s a lot happening BEHIND THE SCENES.

Your GUARDIANS, ANCESTORS, ANGELS, and GUIDES have to not only "SECURE THE BAG" but they’ve got to get you to the SIGNS and RESPOND ACCORDINGLY.

Let's just say some of us make sure they have their work cut out for them...lol


While they are busy, you need to PREPARE YOURSELF TO RECEIVE what you've requested.  

In this course I share the 10 P’s of DIVINE TIMING.

ALIGNING YOURSELF in these areas will not only make your MANIFESTATION ARRIVE quicker

but you will GLEAN tons of WISDOM along the way.

Here's what you receive…..


~2 prerecorded DNA ACTIVATION Meditations

~ACRIMONY Movie Decode

~ Membership to the private "Goddess Temple" Facebook group

~ Unlimited email access to Capricorn Shamaness