The Enchantress

A One Year Path to the Priestess Initiation


The path of the priestess is unique to every holy woman on this journey. There are so many ways to serve yourself, your loved ones, and humanity. The key is to master the Divinity that is YOU. All the UNIVERSE is within you. Understanding how the intangible aspects of you affect the reality of you is PRICELESS. It's also a mystery that few have chosen to solve. The MYSTIC ultimately learns the mystery of themselves while discovering the Divine. 


During this 12 month program, I will guide you in embodying the priestess you were born to be by delving deep into the truth of who you are.


Have you ever wondered whether or not you are a priestess?

Are you highly intuitive or sensitive to people’s energy?

Do you have a Divine calling to serve humanity?

Do you dream about occurrences before they happen?

Are you drawn to ritual or altar work?

Are you naturally in sync with moon cycles?

Do you have a connection to one or more goddesses?

Are committed to completing the work that will have to step fully into power?


If you answered yes to any of these questions than you may be a candidate for The Enchantress initiation. 




Spiritual Hygiene



Altar Work









Sex Magic



12 Monthly One on One Sessions ($3,000 value)

12 Prerecorded Classes ($3,500 value)

12 Group Coaching Sessions ($1,200 value)

Unlimited Email Access to Capricorn Shamaness

Access to the Goddess Temple FB Group



Open Enrollment is happening NOW. Submit your application here.


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