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Many women are still trying to live out the illusion of “happily forever after” under the guise of struggle and sacrificial love only to find themselves broken hearted and depleted. They are killing themselves and their sacredness from the inside out trying to get the fairytale ending we’ve seen and heard since birth. Bottom line, you must SAVE YOURSELF. In this grab bag, I've included 5 MOVIE DECODES exploring RELATIONSHIPS with LOVERS, FAMILY and of course the SELF. 



Shortly after studying the Dark Goddess aspect of Goddess Venus, I watched this movie for the 10,000th time. Fortunately, I saw it with different eyes. I used to live in this fantasy of love being all light, fluffy, and cute. It took having my heart broken repeatedly and a really good mentor to see love requires protection and strategy. The spirit of Lady Venus gave us much wisdom to work with. In this decode, I share my thoughts on Love as War through the eyes of the Love Guru (Lover) archetype.



I’ve always loved this movie. Each time I see it I think to myself, Eva got a bad wrap. She took on and sacrificed a lot to raise her sisters after their parents death. Inevitably, when a women gives until depletion, she and everyone around her suffers. I can’t speak for other nationalities but as a black woman this is far too common. The angry black woman is really a hurt little girl. Rather than judging her to be a bitch, we should be encouraging her to heal the heart and to love herself better. Women, namely black women carry so much and so many we forget to carry ourselves. For me, this story is a tale of a woman becoming aware of all the ways she’s been restricting love of self.



This movie triggered many women even me. After releasing my own triggers and at the request of my students, I share my insight on this movie. In my opinion, the movie clear shows the necessity of understanding “divine timing” and strategy in relationships. You must have a clear mind to see and protect the vision before you can realize it.



This movie is another favorite. Will Smith and the producers did an excellent job of bringing love, time, and death to life. In this decode, I share my thoughts on each. Love came with conditions. Time wanted appreciation. Death wanted an audience. As usual, I included journal prompts to assist you in understanding your relationship with these 3 extractions from the Game of Life.


I spent several months exploring female archetypes with some of my students. During that time, I happened to see this movie filled with them. This class was my take on the feminine energy in this movie including the maiden, mother, and the female savior.


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