9/9/19 Endings and Beginnings

This is Oya energy. The Orishas have been venerated all weekend. Yemaya was Saturday, 9/7. Oshun was yesterday, 9/8. Oya’s number is 9. Today is a triple 9, 9/9/19.

The goddesses woke me with a message to go deeper into study of them and to remind you to do so too. Things are changing. If you are not it’s because you are blocking the transformation. Get out of your own way and get in flow if that’s your case.

Otherwise, know that what is being pulled away or tossed aside MUST go. The old mindsets should be replaced with mindfulness. The old, heavy emotions should be replaced with intention for better and actions that support it. Simply wanting liberation without work is a fantasy.

Oya’s Winds are blowing. Where are they taking you and yours? This energy is strong so if you’re not in flow you will get swept up, raked and run over by it or by others in flow with it.

This is a good time for ritual work. If you need support investment in yourself so you can do what needs to be done.

I have a ritual called Endings and Beginnings on my site for those of you wanting assistance.

You are Goddess!

Wake Up!

Stand in Your Power!

Live Consciously!

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