An Issue of Blood

To the one with ears to hear and eyes to see. The answer to the questions you have asked are as follows:

You have aligned your blood with a religious system that utilizes self sacrifice (codependence) to exist off the life force and human spirit of its followers. Your ancestors took the oath, under duress, hoping they would survive, be rescued, or recover to fight again. Albeit, unaware that contracts and agreements are binding outside of space and time. Now, more than 400 years later, generations have passed and the bloodline has forgotten. Part of the curse of ignorance, which enslaves, includes blinding the mind to its historic treasures, culture, and self worth. The religion was one way to end hope for freedom.

Because it captures the MIND you were glamoured and unaware.....A spell was cast to make you believe that your true essence is hedonistic, primitive and demonic in nature. The first generation knew this to be a lie but those that followed fell under the strength of the traps which held them. The elders either forgot to tell or the children didn’t listen to the message that the old gods were cloaked and paired to these new gods and saints. Over time, the secret was lost.

Here today you are fighting against the same spirit that your blood is bound to. You cannot see it on you but you FEEL it and have SEEN it devouring your children. Hell, you may have devoured your children in its name. After all, the mythology shows a child being sacrificed to appease its parent’s need for blood. And you are nothing if not a good student.

The Divine Child in the narrative was kept for 30 years; as it prepared for 3 years of martyr initiations. After completing its work with Death to the old ways. It resurrected itself in a DIFFERENT FORM before transcending to the next phase of its journey. That’s the path!!!

Why are you and your children required to live this archetype’s patterns for a lifetime?

BECAUSE WHAT FEEDS OFF YOU IS HUNGRY and wants to eat from the blood of the children tied to it. Blind to the history, archetypes, symbols and cost to atone within the system. Blind to how the governing gods of this pantheon manage and maintain their existence. You offer a monthly payment of blood to reaffirm the contract made long ago. Wake UP!

That’s a bill coming due! It represents debt, death, and sacrifice. It is not HIS blood you commemorate but rather through SYMBOL and RITUAL you offer YOUR OWN. The salvation is not FREE or REAL. You pay, DAILY, just in thinking you are a sinner. The cost of that to your psyche and soul is self sacrifice (codependency). And that is the least of the offenses because you are hit with trouble throughout the month which reduce the holdings in your MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, & FINANCIAL accounts. You pay these penalties unaware of the cost and prices being heaped on to you.

Meanwhile, your children cry out for freedom from oppression and you respond as an oppressor because that is the example you have and all you know. Listen to the stirring and groans of your children’s hearts. Underneath and deep within them you will find whispers of your own heart and it’s grievances.

If you are still reading, GET OUT OF THE BOILING POT. Learn how to free yourself and your children.

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