Channeled Message From Archangel Haniel 05/30/19

Most humans limit their understanding of LOVE to relations with other humans. There are many kinds of love, many things to love and many ways to give/receive love.

Each person makes a choice (whether conscious or unconscious) as to what, how, and when to express and experience love.

According to their faith and beliefs the fate of LOVE encounters is set.

Some love time and its trappings.

Some love time and mastering making the most of it.

Some love flowers and their essences which by the way are also essences reflected in the human spirit.

Some love colors and the vibrations held within each hue.

Some love money and the freedoms it brings.

Some love life and have respect for the breath

Some love the body and it’s adaptions when stretched

Some love the discovery of the width, depth, & heights of Self

Regardless of where or what you love bring presence to your expression of love. Feel it moving through your intellect and your beingness. Opt in life to honor love and seek out ways to contribute as well as receiving LOVE.

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