Channeled Message from Archangel Michael dtd 06/05/19

Be It Unto You According To Your Faith!

Let not your heart be troubled by perceived delays in manifesting. Instead, measure your faith in what you have requested. Measure your trust in the effort you have put into said manifestations both in word and deed. Ah deed, ACTION IS REQUIRED.

Take note humanity, it is rarely the action you imagine or that your fears project onto your mind. They say ignorance is bliss. It is not in the case of creation. If you are waiting on the Lord, consult the laws outlined in spiritual pantheons and practices around your world. Some form of “faith without works is dead” exists in the sacred text of your choosing. Being ignorant of the need for action or of the action necessary is not bliss.

Find bliss in the silence of your mind. Allow your Divine Nature to shine through with wisdom and light. There is no pushing or force in this process. Simply silence out of which