So you’re having trouble completing what you started, huh? Well here’s a little food for thought to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Are you unable to complete what you started?

The first step to completion is deciding what you really want. Usually, people struggling with clarity when they are out of integrity with themselves or others. You always know when you are out of integrity because everything in you will remind you that you are in violation of an agreement. It looks a little like this….

  • A person going somewhere they don’t want to be may stub their toe while getting dressed, have car trouble or an accident on the way, or even trip trying to enter the premises….Out of Integrity!

  • A person lying or saying something they don’t believe may cover their throat while speaking, cough, lose their voice, or lose their trend of thought when attempting to speak it…Out of Integrity! · A person wanting to lose weight may spill food on themselves, get nauseous or have indigestion when consuming unhealthy foods….Out of Integrity! · A person with judgments about wealth and wealthy people may find themselves unconsciously misplacing or giving away money when they receive it...Out of Integrity

Pay attention to yourself. Be honest enough to address the actions, toxic feelings, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk standing in the way of your clarity. Find out what’s underneath it so that you can correct the behavior. If you have begun the journey of creating something that you don’t want, STOP IT. Figure out what you really want and CREATE from that space instead.

Are you unable to complete what you started because you haven’t acquired permission?

Most of us grew up in families that required us to ask for permission before we did the things we wanted to do. If you don’t believe me, think about this….

  • Did you have to ask permission to go outside to play?

  • Did you have to ask permission to eat certain foods like sweets or sodas?

  • Did you have to get permission to begin dating?

  • Did you ever get punished for doing something that came natural to you?

  • Did you have to ask permission to get married or go off to college?

  • Do you find yourself waiting until someone else does or says something 1st before you do it?

  • Do you ask people for their opinion on issues before deciding how to handle issues?

If you answered, yes to any or all of these questions then you probably grew up in a house in which the authority figure(s) taught you that they were better able to decide what is best for you than you are. Even though, you are all grown up, there is a little person inside of you that may not realize that you are an adult fully capable of making decisions for yourself. Your inner child may be searching for permission to do or have the things you want. If this resonates with you, then deem yourself wise enough, mature enough, capable enough, “enough” enough to decide what’s best for you. Give yourself permission to have what you want when you want it.

Are you unable to complete what you started because you don’t have support?

Any way you slice or dice it support is about – Relationships. Think about someone that you TRULY love and admire. Reflect on how they’ve shown up for you throughout the course of the relationship. If that person came to you and asked for support would you help if you could? Most of us would say yes and mean it.

Healthy relationships need to be created, nurtured, and maintained. If you are feeling unsupported, take a look at how you are relating to others. Reconnect to the people you are currently in relationships with. Release grudges and past baggage. Let go of unhealthy relationships. Network to build new relationships. If you need help, don’t show up as if you have it all together. Ask for what you want. Share your Vision. When people offer assistance, take it. Find out what their Vision is. Offer assistance. Create a WIN-WIN by supporting them in having what they want while they support you in getting what you want. Create relationships with people that are already doing what you want to do. Do the work needed to connect or improve your relationships so that you have support in manifesting your Vision.

Are you unable to complete what you started because you are afraid of failure?

I often find myself asking the question, “What are you afraid of?” The response I get most of the time is, “I’m afraid to fail.” Failure is a trick of the ego. I love the song by Donnie McClurkin – We Fall Down, But We Get Up. If things don’t unfold the way you want them to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 77th time – TRY AGAIN. Each time use the lessons learned to move you closer to your goal. Sometimes that means being open to the bigger perspective or new ways of getting what you want.

Truthfully, most times underneath the fear of failure is truly the fear of success. Most people are deeply afraid of unleashing their true power so they sabotage themselves and call it failure.

  • Do you find yourself repeatedly “almost” getting to the finish line but not crossing it?

  • Does it bother you to think of what people will say or think about you if you actually realize your dream?

  • Are you concerned about having to leave behind what’s comfortable (family, friends, location, etc.) to become successful?

If you answered, yes to any of these questions you’re afraid of SUCCESS not failure. It’s time to stop selling yourself short.

In your Divine Wisdom, there is a part of you that knows:

  • To COMPLETE your GOALS you get to GROW past the lack of clarity.

  • To COMPLETE your VISION you get to GROW past the need for external permission and validation.

  • To COMPLETE your DESTINY you get to GROW past disconnected and one-sided relationships.

  • To COMPLETE your SOUL’S DESIRE you get to GROW past fear of failure and fear of success.

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