The problem with thinking you are not enough is it comes from a conversation of lack. It produces a need to settle for shit rather than being who you need to be in order to have what you want. This debilitating idea of yourself permeates every area of your life. It looks like...

Money - I can’t compete with so and so. I’m not enough to go for the dream job. I’m happy right here. I don’t have enough to afford quality food, products, and services. People like me don’t belong there. I don’t feel comfortable around people with money. I don’t have the resources or connections to do that. So you SETTLE for what’s given or just getting by.

Self Image - I’m not pretty enough. My body isn’t fit enough, small enough, or curvy enough. I don’t look the part so I’m unworthy of the experiences and corresponding blessings. Idolizing or being jealous of other people instead of cultivating yourself.

Relationships - I’m not worthy enough to request and require what I want from my partner, family and friends. You put up with and tolerate shit because you’re not enough to set healthy boundaries. You stay in the relationships when it’s time to go. SETTLING! SETTLING! SETTLING!

Service - I’m not enough to change the way this or that works. I can’t make a difference. My voice doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Homelessness, sexual trauma, world hunger, crime, pollution, injustice and more goes unchallenged because you choose to settle for the status quo.

You are already struggling to maintain the idea of not being enough. It is costing you your life and the possibilities that come from living passionately. STOP SETTLING! Start BEING true to yourself. YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

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