If Goddess Spoke She Would Say, Only WAIT

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

When I tell you this visit home has been nothing if not prayer after prayer answered. Blessing after blessing gifted. Burden after burden lifted. Some of y’all know how much and how long I have struggled with getting the relationship with my parents (especially my dad) to a healthy place.

Rewind to maybe 3 weeks ago. I woke up to a message for from his parents and grandmother. (They have all crossed over.) My grandmothers showed my father as a young boy and told me things I had no way of knowing.

I normally don’t give my parents messages because they are super religious. But fortunately, my ancestors wouldn’t let me be until I delivered the message. So, I sent a text message rather than call him. He never responded to me. I wasn’t surprised and went on with life. I actually forgot about it until I arrived last Friday. We’ve talked many times since I got here. No mention of the text. Today, my dad asks me to sit and talk with him. I sit down and he began to acknowledge my gift of sight. Whoa!!! What, daddy? He said I didn’t know you had this gift until I read your message. He told me I was right about everything I said. He also said he could feel the conviction and sincerity of the message. That’s how he knew it was real.

I’m sitting there blown away. Y’all don’t how these people cut up when I first walked away from the church. When I chose spirituality over religion and vowed I wasn’t a Christian if it meant condemning people to hell; they died 10 deaths. Despite it all, I stayed my course even when it meant distance between me and them. Now to come full circle and have my fat her accept and celebrate me for answering the call of my spirit...I’m shocked and rejoicing for the acceptance, connection, conversation and validation. I don’t need it anymore but it sure feels good to have it.

Turns out my great grandmother was a seer and a healer. My mind is blown and my heart is grateful. Now, I know exactly where my gifts come from.

I will leave you with the Sirens, ChloeXHalle. Their look and sound will mesmerize you because that’s what mermaids

Catch the lyrics, though. Only wait, wait, wait.....

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