Incantation for Transcending Victim Consciousness

I accept responsibility for my well-being and release the need for perfection.

I create new experiences for myself of being happy and satisfied rather than being bitter and victimized.

I allow myself to love and be loved in WISDOM so I give and receive love freely.

I am proud of myself;

of who I am being…

Of what I have done including actions tied to less than ideal choice

I gleaned the wisdom so I REJOICE

I have joy in my heart, so much so that I often laugh out loud at my own adventures.

I take pleasure in tuning MORE to Soul, NOW

Less to then, when, where, or how

No matter the test, I’m grateful and fulfilled in it all

So I take the next breath

I make the next step

I leap forward before I rest

Into the beauty of the ME Emerging…. NEXT

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