My Saturn-Day Discipline

I got a deep tissue massage, yesterday. The therapist informed me of stress to my sacrum. Today, I’m studying the sacrum (Root Chakra) so I can do the energy work to heal and balance it spiritually.

As a healer myself, I understand that the cycles happening without start from within. I closed 2018 and opened 2019 with a lot of ancestral work. My inner child had some growing up to do. I needed to see my childhood, in perspective, as it related to the big picture of my life. I did my work. Now that it is complete, my body can heal and I can go even deeper into the next stage of my vision.

What is your earth (your body) saying to you? What kingdom (organ) within you needs to be conquered or aligned with continents (body systems - digestive, endocrine, circulatory, etc.) within the global 🌍 presence that is you?

As one phase ends another BEGINS!

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