RESPONSIBILITY - My Journey of Awareness, Ownership, & Action

I could easily spend a day writing, talking, and coaching on the various aspects of one word, RESPONSIBILITY. Truthfully, it all comes down to 3 things AWARENESS, OWNERSHIP, & ACTION. Today, the concept of taking RESPONSIBILITY for my life seems simple. It’s about me owning the fact that everything in my external world is a direct reflection of my internal world. As the owner, I have the power to choose whether I want to continue with the present course of action or make a different choice. Honestly, it hasn’t always been so cut & dry for me.

Responsibility is defined in Webster’s dictionary as the quality or state of being responsible as in moral, legal, or mental accountability. It’s further defined as something for which one is responsible or burden with as in having neglected responsibilities. In my younger years, both of these definitions sounded like something that if mishandled would cause me to be eligible for or subject to punishment. I don’t know about you, but in my childhood home NOTHING about punishment was pleasurable. So much so that my “eternal child” created a primary directive to AVOID punishment at all cost. Taking responsibility seemed like a direct contradiction to that core belief.

I carried that belief system well into my adult life. Including when I discovered and began exploring the Law of Attraction. This universal law simply states that like attracts like. The law is summed up in the video and book, “The Secret”. For a while, I listen to the audiobook on a daily basis. As I’m typing this, I can hear Lisa Nichols saying “Expect a Check”. I love that line. It was enlightening to discover that I have the ability to attract the things I want with the power of my thought. I played around with it and implemented this law for things like attracting parking spaces, jobs, even relationships.

As I matured in my spiritual journey the idea of personal responsibility was introduced to me. It caused me to look at the Law of Attraction from a different perspective. First of all, universal laws are always in affect regardless of whether or not we are consciously awareness of them. For example, the law of gravity doesn’t wait for you to activate it. As long as you are in the Earth’s atmosphere the law is automatically active. So the Law of Attraction is always working to return to me experiences that reflect my thoughts of me and the world around me. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. My outer world always mirrors the state of my inner world back to me. Ah_Ha! Ah_Ha! Light Bulb Moment! Paradigm Shift! (I’m certain “The Secret” mentioned this. However, at that time I didn’t want to know this part so I ignored it. What?! I’m human…LOL!)

I wish I could say gaining this new awareness caused an immediate tangible shift in my life but I can’t because it didn’t. Awareness was only the 1st step. The shifts came when I began taking ownership (RESPONSIBILITY) for the fact that I was generating the thoughts and actions which drew everything to or away from me. I began to realize that my issues with men weren’t my father’s fault. They were a reflection of me holding on to judgmental beliefs that I’d made up about my father and projected them onto all men. I began to realize that my issues with trusting my friends wasn’t my mom’s fault. They were reflections of me holding on to things I’d made up about women because of my relationship with my mother. I projected those beliefs onto other women I befriended. I began to recognize that my children weren’t keeping me so busy that I couldn’t realize my dreams. Actually, I was using my children as an excuse to not take action to create my dreams. Here’s a big one. I realized God wasn’t creating roadblocks to my blessings to keep me in line, to punish me or say no to my prayers. It was me – my thoughts, my beliefs, my fears, my actions keeping me busy putting out fires and dealing with drama so that I didn’t have to actually be the magnificent soul I AM created to be. As I looked at every area of my life I realized that I had spent more time blaming God & other people for my unhappiness than I did addressing what was really going on with me.

With enlightenment came the POWER of CHOICE. The only person that was RESPONSIBLE for me was me. The power to create was already, Divinely, implanted in me. Now it was up to me to properly use it. That meant realigning my thoughts and ACTIONS with my Vision. This was definitely a new and empowering time in my life. There was no need to wait for someone’s permission or validation to take action. My vote became the majority that ruled when it was time to make decisions. There was no need to live my life based on other people’s rules. I made up my own rules. I discover what was important for me and began creating from that space.

Food For Thought

You are RESPONSIBLE for every successful or unsuccessful thing in your life unfolding in your life.

· How did you create them? · Why did you create them? · What are you avoiding by blaming others for the state of your life? · What have you learned from your experiences? · What will you do differently the next time? · How have your experiences caused you to grow?

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