The Energetic Investment of Saying Yes

Every time you say yes to a person energetically you are connecting your energy to theirs. Not only are you investing your life force but you are investing it into their Vision. As such, your energy can be used at THEIR will. An unconscious Yes will have you being energetically drained without a clue as to why.

Just think about this...

If you walk into a bank and ask for a loan and the banker says yes, the two of you create a binding agreement (a contract) detailing the terms of repayment. A signed promissory note or loan agreement is the evidence of the agreement.

When someone asks something of you, (applicant), become the bank. Your “yes’ is an oral contract. Before giving approval a risk assessment, credit worthiness and terms of repayment should be completed by you...

Qualify them. Ensure that your energy is invested into someone and something that will be a blessing not a curse.

Ask these questions:

• What is this really about? (PURPOSE/Intention is everything. This question gives you an indication of what you are investing in)

• What's my history with this person? (Energy vampires have a pattern. Respect it and behave accordingly.)

• What's the history with other people they've partnered with? (AGAIN, Energy vampires have a pattern. Respect it and behave accordingly.)

• What will this cost me? (Energy 🔥 builds over time. Small withdraws may go unnoticed but months and years of them add up to a high price tag...fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc)

• How will this benefit you or others? (A fair exchange is a blessing. An unfair exchange puts you in emotional, mental, physical, or financial debt.)

• How does this request fit into your will? (Will this further support you own vision or distract you from it.)

Do you really want to attach yourself to someone just so they will like you? Some of you are sick right now because of this shit. Stop It!

Become the BANKER about your energy. Start declining and canceling the accounts of unqualified applicants. #saturndaywisdom #capricornshamaness

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