The Tokens or Your VISION

For years, I was spinning in circles trying to grow while holding onto bullshit. Finally, the Divine Mother smacked me right in the face to get my attention. She said, I want you to have what you want. However, in order to give you the desires of your heart you must leave EVERYTHING behind.

I said, that’s all the stuff I’ve worked so hard to acquire. I need my stuff.

She said, you don’t need any of it. You were really recalling the truth of your Divinity as you acquired wisdom and knowledge to do what you are asking me to help you do. The people, places, and things that got you here will not carry you into your destiny. You must choose between these tokens and your VISION.

I chose my VISION. And, I watched my job go away, my husband go away, my beautiful home go away, the cars I owned went away, and practically every piece of furniture, clothes, and even jewelry go away. By go away, I mean I sent them all away. During the process, it felt hard because I had to detach from the emotional baggage of each one. No matter the emotional pain or the price, I let it all go.

Not then or now, do I want for ANY THING. The Great Cosmic Mother of us ALL has blessed me in ways I couldn’t even grasp while holding on to the shit I thought I needed. The desires of my heart are being gifted to me miraculously. I mean strangers giving me things I didn’t know I needed. New friends, old friends and even loved ones have filled the void from the relationships I let go of. Free travel, unexpected opportunities, sales, laughter, adventure, romance, excitement, new clients, and things I never thought possible are showered down on me daily. I live a magical life that keeps me prosperous, protected, and blessed.

I used to operate in unbalanced emotions because I was stressed, worried, and weighted down. Now I walk, talk, and live confidently, authentically as the Oracle and Powerhouse that I AM. Talk about a new normal. I love it and I love me more and better than I have in my entire life.

We entered the season of Saturn earlier this month. Some call it the dark night. I call it the night of discipline and a time of completion. Stop judging yourself and start accepting the guidance of your spiritual counsel. They are there to make life easier. Be obedient and let them help you. You may be uncomfortable for a while but you will NOT be disappointed.

What are you being prompted to leave in 2018

? When will you release it?

Know this.....The letting go has nothing to do with you being punished, blocked, or unworthy. It is Mother saying, baby girl you must release the wall BEFORE you can experience yourself walking across the room.

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