The Tokens or Your VISION

For years, I was spinning in circles trying to grow while holding onto bullshit. Finally, the Divine Mother smacked me right in the face to get my attention. She said, I want you to have what you want. However, in order to give you the desires of your heart you must leave EVERYTHING behind.

I said, that’s all the stuff I’ve worked so hard to acquire. I need my stuff.

She said, you don’t need any of it. You were really recalling the truth of your Divinity as you acquired wisdom and knowledge to do what you are asking me to help you do. The people, places, and things that got you here will not carry you into your destiny. You must choose between these tokens and your VISION.

I chose my VISION. And, I watched my job go away, my husband go away, my beautiful home go away, the cars I owned went away, and practically every piece of furniture, clothes, and even jewelry go away. By go away, I mean I sent them all away. During the process, it felt hard because I had to detach from the emotional baggage of each one. No matter the emotional pain or the price, I let it all go.