Use Your Tools

This week was full of emotional challenges. I had to revisit my personal mission statement several times a day. I had to practice spiritual hygiene several times a day. I had to rotate and meditate in the healing rays of colors like mauve, orange, blue, green, magenta and gold several times a day. I had to transmute emotions. I even had to reset my eyes so that I could see pass distractions to my goals. And I still had to handle all the “regular” responsibilities of taking care of home, business matters, and setting a hard boundary with my adult son. I DID IT ALL and got the results I wanted too.

I said all that to say this.......

Why take the class, read the book or pay for a healing session if you won’t put it into practice for YOU when YOU need it. Those are tools 🛠 🧰 ⚒ to assist your life experiences. The real magic happens when you practice consistently. In the beginning you will fumble around, hit, miss, forge, and get lost. The adept know them as baby steps. Sometimes you have to crawl before you can even get there.

DO IT! The falls, the bumps, traffic jams and even the circumstances are all apart of THE JOURNEY. The process may be troublesome but it is worth it. Cry a dirty old cry if you must. Then get up, dust yourself off. Put in the work to become what you want to be. One day you will rejoice in knowing VICTORY IS YOURS.

Even better than the WIN is the PRIDE and SATISFACTION of how you got there.

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