Viewing the Mountain from the Valley

The mountain is present because you gave it permission to exist in your reality.

In your Divine wisdom, you called it into being for the PURPOSE of admiring its beauty, climbing it, to have a mountaintop experience, to tunnel through it, to dwell in one or more of its caves, to travel around the mountain, to enjoy the views from various spots on it, to reside on the mountain or maybe you simply want to fly over the mountain.

Whatever the reason(s) you’ve agreed to its existence in your hologram, the mountain ⛰ is not there to complain about, use as an excuse to avoid taking action, or to blame for your shortcomings.

YOU are the Creator that gives it permission to be. Interact with it so that you may have your chosen experience, strengthen your resolve, and glean the wisdom and blessings of said mountain.

#capricornshamaness #wisdomspeaks

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