Who’s Thoughts Are You Thinking?

Is it the bully that beat you up and stole your lunch money? Guess what? They wanted what you had so any BS spouted while taking your goodies is still bullshit today.

Is it the messy girl that talked shit about you? Remember everything she said was a projection onto you of the garbage floating around her head about herself. She didn’t want the other girls to see it in her so she sent it to you. Give that heifer her stuff back🤣

Is it your parents fears or aspirations? Look, parents are human too. They don’t know or even understand everything. The same shit they passed to you came from their ancestors. Just ask your kids. If you let them they will tell what baggage needs releasing. I assure you something they share mirrors your own unhealed wound.

Are their fears , judgments, and religious associations even relevant today? Better yet, are they relevant to you? Probably not so put momma and daddy’s opinions aside. Do what resonates with your spirit. Trust me the guilt subsides and gets replaced with love from the parents that shamed you or new parental figures in vibratory resonance with the authentic you.

Do you, baby girl! Let that 💩 go. Move on ✈️🚇🚆🚗🚕🚲🏍. The Great Cosmic Mother emerging from within thanks you in advance for your cooperation in learning to protect and honor your energ.

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