This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for healers, light workers, and shadow boxers wanting to remove blocks to maximizing the effectiveness and power of their work. The activations in this bundle assist removing blocks to your healing abilities, eliminate energy vampires, empowering your magical workings, decoding your true calling as a healer, and more. The 5 activations included in this bundle are:


Activations for Healers

Many healers struggle with fears or barries that block their abilities to effectively utilize their gifts. This series of DNA activations will assist the healer with self-belief, releasing the need to suffer, blocks to being compensated for using your gifts, increase power, release ego hooks, releasing energy of those you heal, disconnection from past lives during which trauma was experienced because you are a healer.


Earth Angel Activation

This activation helps you to recognize yourself as an Earth Angel. It connects you to who you really are while disconnecting you from religious consciousness and genetic consciousness regarding what it is to be an angel and our worthiness of being one. It clears the unworthiness from past lives and from our ancestors, while bringing in the power of our Angels and our Higher Self as well as our Master energy, so we can vibrate in that energy in our everyday lives.


Aquamarine Ray Activation

This activation is included in the Healing Power of Color series. It attunes you to the vibration of the color Aquamarine and the healing vibrations associated with the hue both in the physical and auric bodies. This activation will assist with compassion, peace, clarity, truth, unity color healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing, and world peace.


Stop Parasites

Do certain people or scenarios “suck” the life out of you?  Do you feel drained when you are around others? This deactivation clears parasitic tendencies, behaviors and clears the need to attract this type of energy.


Amethyst Crystal Activation

Experience the healing vibrations of the amethyst crystal from this activation. It will assist with calming stress, anxiety, anger and fear. It will also bring balance to the endocrine, calm the mind, and strengthen the aura.


Please Note: All sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Healer's Bundle



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