This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for anyone working to transcend generational curses, childhood trauma, or if you are choosing to navigate life differently from your family or origin. The activations in this bundle assist with finding your personal power, releasing old wounds, breaking character, ending old patterns, moving past survival thinking, and root chakra clearing. The 5 activations included in this bundle are:


Family Constellation

It is hard to experience any level of success without becoming intimate with it. The problem is that intimacy brings vulnerability with it. This is what allows your success to change you. Happiness only comes when your outer success filters inside to mean something to who you are. Each positive experience changes you for the better, if you are intimate and vulnerable with it. But we see vulnerability as getting hurt. This is not the kind of experience to be vulnerable to. Being vulnerable to love means changing because you are loved. We must also become vulnerable to our success, our magic and our power. See beyond the limited viewpoint of vulnerability to pain, and open to intimacy with success, love, power and magic.


This activation is for people cultivating success, money, and prosperity. It unties you from family (ancestral) programming that is counterproductive to what is being created. For instance, if you are working on becoming a business owner but you have a limiting belief that people with power are bad. Then you may find ways to sabotage your success due to that unconscious belief. This healing session will help you clear the belief so that you can take the action necessary to find success.


Global Wound Release

This activation helps to disconnect you from the need to suffer to survive including making money and the belief that survival is a struggle. This concept from the global collective consciousness may be carried within your subconscious from the environment, past lives, or genetics. It blocks the flow of abundance. Hidden wounds held in the global psyche are linked by shared limiting beliefs, value systems, behaviors, and experiences. These invisible programs can keep you entangled with ancestral programming or morphogenetic fields that may be enslaving you to mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual trauma. This can result in a deep seeded need to suffer which sabotages prosperity and enjoyment of life. This activation unplugs you from the collective consciousness of this suffering energy, freeing you to live in abundance, joy and love.


Karmic Loop Deactivation

This deactivation is perfect for people who repeat patterns which are debilitating, continue odd loops that go on and on, cycling through bad behaviors, toxins, and toxic patterns that repeat over and over while expecting different results that never come. This de-activation will help you break those patterns, get back in control and take the necessary actions to change the trajectory of your life.


Archangel Uriel

This activation is included in the ARCHANGELS series. It attunes you to the vibration of the Archangel Uriel and gives you an opportunity to connect with and receive messages from this celestial host. This angel specializes in spiritual understanding and overcoming adversity.


Red Ray

This activation is included in the Healing Power of Color series. It attunes you to the vibration of the color Red and the healing vibrations associated with the hue both in the physical and auric bodies. This activation will assist with passion, love, family, core values, principles, ancestral ties, tangible things, romance, heartache, color healing, spiritual healing, and emotional healing.


Please Note: ALL sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Ancestral Healing Bundle



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