This offering is a series of activations that will attune you to the energy of 12 
archanagels. Every angel has its own area of expertise. You will have the opportunity to 
experience the energetic imprint of the archangels, learn their specialities, make a
personal connection with each angel, and receive an angelic blessing from each of 

The angels included are:
o Archangel Ariel - Angel of Nature
o Archangel Azrael - Angel of Transition
o Archangel Chamuel - Angel of Love
o Archangel Gabriel - Angel of Revelation
o Archangel Haniel - Angel of Grace
o Archangel Jeremiel - Angel of Prophetic Vision
o Archangel Jophiel - Angel of Beauty
o Archangel Metatron - Angel of Presence
o Archangel Michael - Angel of Proteciton
o Archangel Raphael - Angel of Healing
o Archangel Raziel - Angel of Mystery
o Archangel Uriel - Angel of Peace

This activations in the series will assist with Spiritual Healing, Emotional Healing, Mental 
Clarity, Physical Healing, Psychic Abilities, Ascension and World Peace.

Please Note: This session is prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Archangel Attunements Series


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