There are a whole host of components, opportunities and synchronicities that need to converge to fulfill your petition. 
This series breaks down the process of germination taking place between the “asking” and receiving” of your desires. 
I give you information and insight into the Universal workings and the part you should play to be in RESONANCE with it. 

Manifestations appear in your reality over what we perceive as time. We live in an “instant gratification” age. Everyone wants it NOW. The Spirit world doesn’t operate on our clock. Patience is much easier when you KNOW (Faith) all things are working in your favor. To have this favor, you must be in ALIGNMENT. Why? Because what you want wants you too. Your energy needs to vibrate at a frequency that attracts it rather than repels it. 

In addition to the lecture, I’ve gifted you 2 activations and a class I did decoding the movie Acrimony. The movie was highly triggering for many reasons. One of them was an undertone of waiting (timing) for someone to realize their dreams. A student asked me to share my thoughts on the film so I did. I’ve added it as a bonus for this class to provide an example of some concepts covered in this series. 

All content is digital and can be accessed via your smartphone or laptop.

Divine Time and Productivity - Set Goals You Actually Accomplish

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