This 10 part series includes more than 100 activations that clear blocks to your financial flow. 

The 10 prerecorded sessions assist with releasing family programming, cultural views, classism, religious dogma, perceptions about what money is, addressing ways in which you undervalue your worth, self sabotage, rewiring the struggle narrative, recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs about what money is, letting go of false perceptions about how money flows to you, retiring lack and scarcity programs, rewiring the value you place on yourself and attracting more money to you. These activations clear a path for you to change your relationship with money. This helps you to recognize and seize opportunities to increase your finances, as well as, make better use of time and resources. 

The sacred energies transmitted cultivate prosperity, abundance, money, well-being, peace, love, gratitude, worthiness, success, and freedom. 

Clients have reported job promotions, career transitions, unexpected financial windfalls, amplified spiritual gifts, feeling more powerful, improved health, freedom as well paradigm shifts away from beliefs that didn’t serve their monetary goals.

Please Note: These sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

DIVINE COUNT: Activations for Money, Prosperity, & Abundance



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