Everything has a natural rhythm. There’s an ebb and flow to all things. One of the most 
commonly known cycles is the Earth’s annual orbit around the sun. Our seasons
(autumn, spring, summer, & winter) are all triggered by the Earth’s placement in this 
natural cycle. Just like the Earth each of us has our own rhythm that’s directly connected to the planet. 

Whether you subscribe to the study of astrology or not, there’s something to be said about the fact that people’s 
personalities seem to have a direct correlation to the astrological sign they are born 
under. All 12 of the zodiac signs has a corresponding element: earth, air, fire, or water. The 
beauty of the connection is everything in the world that we live in is comprised of 
at least 1 of them. 

Your humanness gives you assess, possession, and authority over all four.
- The AIR of the mind.
- The WATER of emotions.
- The FIRE of creation. 
- The EARTH of physical form. 

This course is designed to help you to explore each of these aspects of Self. In doing so, you can easily anticipate 
patterns, process information, relate to others, improve your self-image, and manifest your desires.

BONUS: Altar Work Class
This lecture is a discussion about what is required to effectively complete altar work (ritual). It is way more than dressing a beautiful table in a designated room or corner in your home. In truth the altar is you. The sacred space that you designate is only a reflection of the goddess within. You get what you are so you must set the energy right in you first.

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Elements of You


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