This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for anyone dealing with emotional pain, having trouble releasing the past, transcending trauma, or if you just want to raise your vibration by cultivating more empowering emotional charges. The 5 activations included in this bundle are:


Archangel Haniel

This activation is included in the ARCHANGELS series. It attunes you to the vibration of the Archangel Haniel and gives you an opportunity to connect with and receive messages from this celestial host. This angel is specializes in grace, harmony, balance and acts as a purifier for the emotions.


Anger, Guilt, and Fear Deactivation

This is a single activation that clears out anger genetics, tribal beliefs, the collective consciousness, and plugs you into the unconditional love. In this Activation we are clearing out Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Rejection and Pain. They are major physical stumbling blocks contributing to hurdles that may be preventing you from even seeing who you are, who you can be or even what's staring you right in the face.


Shame and Humiliation Deactivation

Did you ever feel like you were the Black Sheep of the Family? Are you carrying guilt or shame for a violation committed against you? Are you having trouble forgiving yourself for mistakes from your past? Do you find it challenging to be authentic and true to yourself?

Then you understand what it is like to never feel good enough, to constantly make mistakes, to always try to live up to someone’s expectations, or to live down embarrassment or a bad reputation. This activation assists you in seeing the beliefs and let go of the connection. It also deactivates the old impressions by anchoring and grounding self-love, self-acceptance, honor, innocence, vulnerability and recognition of your own beauty.


Joy Activation

This activation is included in the TRANSMUTATION series. It attunes you to the energy and attributes of Joy. It clears the body of sorrow, grief, and depression. Its a good tool for anyone with asthma, lung or heart  related issues. In place of these lower emotional expressions a massive amount of energy promoting joy, peace, and happiness is poured into the body and auric field.


Emotions In Balance #1

This activation is apart of the TRANSMUTATION series. It is 1 of a 4 part series included with the emotional alchemy series to assist with addressing imbalance and the various ways it adversely affects the body. The emotions are directly linked to the subconscious mind. This session in particular will assist with positively aligning both so that you feel peace and harmony.


Please Note: ALL sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Emotional Healing Bundle



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