This intensive is designed to offer you healing techniques for reclaiming your self image and creating motivation to step up and out into life. Most times when people are stuck, they are not being honest with themselves out of duty, burden, or obligation to another. These are programs and conditioning learned in childhood. Learning to heal and integrate the Inner Child is truly a gift. This archetype’s lessons helps you evaluate where you are, understand yourself better, and honor yourself as you move from “stuckness” to getting stuff done. 

The intensive includes 4 weeks of calls, self healing practices, and DNA activations. 

You will be inspired to:
o	Rediscover Your Essence
o	Learn the voice of YOUR INNER CHILD  and how it speaks to you
o	Get Back to Being YOURSELF 

BONUS ***** 
o	Get Unstuck in 30 Days or Less 
	- Do more of what you LOVE and less of what you LOATHE! 
	- Take Stock of Where You Are
	- Brainstorm Action Ideas to Get Unstuck
	- Learn the Value of Leveraging Support from Others 
	- Learn to Plan and Evaluate a Successful Week
	- Create Daily Success Habits
	- Find New Ways to Get Things DONE!
	- Have More Success and Clear Away the Brain Fog!!!!
All content is digital and accessible from any laptop or smartphone.

INNER CHILD Healing: Return to Your ESSENCE - Get Unstuck in 30 Days or Less

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