This activation helps to disconnect you from the need to suffer to survive including making money and the belief that survival is a struggle. This concept from the global collective consciousness may be carried within your subconscious from the environment, past lives, or genetics. It blocks the flow of abundance. Hidden wounds held in the global psyche are linked by shared limiting beliefs, value systems, behaviors, and experiences. These invisible programs can keep you entangled with ancestral programming or morphogenetic fields that may be enslaving you to mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual trauma. This can result in a deep seeded need to suffer which sabotages prosperity and enjoyment of life. This activation unplugs you from the collective consciousness of this suffering energy, freeing you to live in abundance, joy and love.


This activation will help with Addictions, Health, Love, Relationships, Prosperity, Psychic Abilities, and World Peace.


Please Note: This session is prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Global Wound Release



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