You are a spiritual being having a human experience. During this session we exit 3D and explore the realm of infinite possibilities under the guidance of the Superconscious (Higher Self). 
In this session, we complete a soul level review.  The Higher Self guides us to past, present, future or even between lives (as needed) to benefit your evolution in this incarnation.
This session is excellent for aligning with your soul’s dharma, addressing karmic loops, gleaning wisdom from your Source connection, exploring the quantum nature of reality, clarifying life purpose, understanding soul ties, transcending limitations, understanding the trajectory of your soul or how past lives relate to current incarnations, physical healing, and much more. 
Please Note: All sessions are done remotely via phone or video conferencing. Soul Journey sessions are up to 4 hours and require silence and solitude to obtain the best results. Sleep or rest is recommended after the session to allow for integration.

Soul Journey Session

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