This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with money. The activations in this bundle assist with getting in flow, removing blocks to receiving money, clearing debt, and fostering an abundance mindset. The 5 activations included in this bundle are:


Remove Mental Blocks to Blocks to Money & Poverty Mindset

The poverty mind will have you afraid to ask questions, be supported, gain wisdom, perceive possibilities, or take advantage of resources that are readily available. It will have you thinking what’s possible isn’t possible and vice versa. This grouping of activations will assist you with seeing things through the lens of prosperity and abundance. This opens you to require people to pay you what you’re worth, to network, educate yourself, and recognize more empowering ways to make the most of your money.


Debt Deactivation

Do you always feel as though you’re in debt? Are you trapped in a perpetual state of feeling as though no matter how much of your bills and credit you pay off, it always seems to grow? These systems are caused by factors from the collective consciousness, as well as personal belief systems, previous lives and negative energy that has become attached to you. Working with this DE-activation will help you release yourself from the perpetual cycle of debt while becoming aware of how and why it exists in your narrative.


Abundance Reconnection

The Abundance Connection Activation came is truly powerful. This activation may connect you to a higher understanding and feeling of true abundance. This activation actually assists with feeling the energy of abundance. By feeling it you can better understand true empowerment and potential of this energy. This activation can help to clear all oaths, vows, contracts and agreements which limit our abundance and can replace them with prosperity, peace, joy, love and all aspects of abundance. Once you are truly connected to this energy there may be no limit to your manifesting potential.


Money & Self Worth Activation

This group of activations will assist in increasing your image of self-worth. Many people block the flow of money to them because they don’t think they deserve to experience good fortune.  This activation removes the beliefs that keep you from feeling worthy thereby clearing obstacles to flow of money coming your way.


Archangel Ariel

This activation is included in the ARCHANGELS series. It attunes you to the vibration of the Archangel Ariel and gives you an opportunity to connect with and receive messages from this celestial host. This angel has a strong connection to nature, water, the elements and money.


Please Note: ALL sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Money Musing Bundle


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