The NUMBERS activation series highlights and attuned you to the vibrations of each digit:

0 - cosmic mother, unlimited potential, choice, possibilities, new spiritual journeys and tuning into your Higher Self
1 - raw energy, strong life force, motivation, self-identity, autonomy, independence, and value driven perception
2 - duality, polarity, balance, cooperation, adaptability and relationships come into play
3 - manifestation, communication, mastery, faith, growth, triads, and the Ascended Masters
4 - foundation, a stable force that builds and resonates with order, organization, structure, application, discipline, devotion,  solid foundations, hard work, craftsmanship
5 - change, variety, influence, sensuality, promotion, idealism, opportunity, kindness, invention, magnetism, competitiveness, and curiosity come into play
6 - love, home, family, domestication, harmony, service, guardianship, justice, problem solving, dignity, protecting what one loves, parenting, and agriculture come into play
7 - seeing past the physical, alchemist; learning (through experience) the mysteries of the Universe, the Collective Consciousness, and the Self
8 - law of cause and effect, success, authority, precision, finances, balance, limitless potential and precision
9 - enlightenment, completion, self-awareness, fulfillment of purpose, spiritual insight, and self-actualization
Please Note: This session is prerecorded and will be sent via email for download. 

Numbers Series (0 - 9)


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