This course provides insight into dissipating or transforming the feelings of loss associated with mistakes from your past. I help you to understand what regret is and provide a 6-part process for healing it.

Many women are still trying to live out the illusion of “happily forever after” under the guise of struggle and sacrificial love only to find themselves broken hearted and depleted. They are killing themselves and their sacredness from the inside out trying to get the fairytale ending we’ve seen and heard since birth. Bottom line, Prince Charming is not coming to save you. You must SAVE YOURSELF before he arrives. There are single moms all over the globe that can attest to the heartache and debt they put themselves in trying to love a man more than they loved themselves. 
We’ve all made mistakes. It’s only natural that you have too. As a matter of fact, I bet you couldn’t have made another choice even if you tried. Your family pathology and environmental conditioning set you up to make that choice. Unconscious to this, we become and do that which we are programmed to do until we choose, differently. 
This is the moment to do a new thing and move on from the low image of yourself that keeps you in self sabotage and self-beat up. It’s a full cycle. You can’t move forward looking backwards while singing the blues. If you do, you will run into something. That will be the next item on your list of regrets. 
I should have done.....🎶
I wish I would have but......🎤
I could have but I didn’t....🎵
Drop the mic and take the classES. 
In addition to the regret class, this package also includes a grab bag of sorts for ladies coming out of toxic relationships. I’ve done several decodes of movies like Deliver Us From Eva, Two Can Play that Game, and Acrimony. I’m gifting them as Bonus purchases. 4 courses in 1 including DNA activations to assist you in reframing your perspective on relationships and taking a more empowered stance when relating to others. 
All content  is accessible from your smartphone or laptop. So, take the whenever and wherever you’d like.

OVERCOMING Regret & Failed Relationships

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