Get certified as a Usui Ryoho Reiki practitioner. 

1st Degree (Initiation)Learn physical aspects of Reiki. After attunement, practitioners can send healing energy via contact (“hands on”). Lessons include hand positions, chakras system info, basic procedures, Usui Reiki history, legalities, and the inherent effects on the practitioner. Practicing your new skill with teachers’ guidance is done at the end of each session. 


2nd Degree (Symbols)Learn metaphysical aspects of Reiki. After attunement, in addition to hands on healing, the practitioner can send Reiki from a distance without being in the same location as the receiver (distant healing). Instruction includes learning to draw and use Reiki symbols and their practical applications.

Prerequisite: First Degree Certification and 25 hours of hands on practice. 
3rd Degree (Master)

Learn the mastery of Reiki. After attunement, a practitioner’s first and second degree power is enhanced. Students learn to attune to the Master Reiki symbols.

First and Second Degree Certification plus 50 hours of hands on or distant healing practice.

Master Teacher Certification Become certified to teach Reiki. Students receive the master symbol attunement again. After attunement, a practitioner’s first, second, and third degree power is enhanced. Students learn to administer Reiki attunements, class facilitation, receive student/teacher literature, and marketing tools.

Prerequisite: First, Second, and Third Degree Certification, plus 100 hours of hands on or distant healing practice, and have taught at least 1 Reiki class. 

Each level is sold and taught separately. This purchase is for certification in one level. Progressing through levels requires completion of all preceding levels.

Reiki Certification

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