This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for anyone wanting to foster more wellness in the body, reduce stress, get energized, improve your sex drive, boost the immune system, balance emotions, and improve overall health of the body. The activations included in this bundle are:


Archangel Raphael Attunement

This activation is included in the ARCHANGELS series. It attunes you to the vibration of the Archangel Raphael and gives you an opportunity to connect with and receive messages from this celestial host. This angel specializes in all things related to healing and harmony. Attuning to this angelic host will assist your self healing practices and align you with what is good for your mind, body, and spirit.


Endocrine System Upgrade Activation

If your default settings include being stressed, emotional, feeling stuck, disorientated, or frustrated it could point to hormonal imbalance. This activation will assist in resetting them naturally. The session assists with clearing stagnant energy blocking the production or release of hormones in the body, emotional balance, metabolism, sex drive, repairing damaged tissue, and increased energy.


Digestive System Upgrade Activation

The digestive system is responsible for transforming food into energy and releasing waste. It also helps you breakdown or process your experiences and generate the energy imprints that color your life. If you struggle with digestive issues like heartburn, constipation, nausea, etc. This activation will assist in releasing and resetting the stuck and stagnant emotions in the digestive system.


Immune System Booster

The immune system is the body’s defense against illness and injury. The activations administered will help to energetically purify and boost their body’s ability to fight off bacteria, parasites, viruses, and disease in the body.


Green Ray Activation

This activation is included in the Healing Power of Color series. It attunes you to the vibration of the color Green and the healing vibrations associated with the hue both in the physical and auric bodies. This activation will assist with healing, prosperity, growth, rebirth, knowledge, color healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing, and world peace.


Please Note: ALL sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Revitalize Your Body Activation Bundle



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