Heroes burn out. This is why you feel depleted and unsure of yourself. This is why you keep giving when you have nothing to give. This is why you get lost in your relationships. No matter how many times or people you try to help, save, or fix; you will always feel empty when you are not GIVING LOVE TO YOURSELF.  SELF LOVE requires you to put yourself first, take care of yourself, saying no when you don’t want to and yes when you do. Most people aren’t taught this. They are taught to put the needs of the family tribe over their own. When you are conditioned to please others instead of yourself, GUILT, can be tough to get past. Life continues to happen. You will continue to give your energy away and people will continue to take it. UNTIL, the pattern is broken. After listening to Melody Beatrice’s audiobook Codependent No More, I spent 6 weeks studying the topic with a group of students. It took me an entire year to implement what I’d learned and unravel the toxic mess that codependence had wreaked on my life. I’m not a fluffy teacher so I won’t pretend that it was all “nice and pretty”. It was hard work, but I was more committed to me than I was to the relationships that were draining me. It is time for you to liberate yourself. Are you READY? The course will help you uncover your patterns and relationship to each of the 4 archetypes contributing to your inability to love yourself (the Victim, the Rescuer, the Villain and the Addict). Once you understand your relationships with these archetypes, you are more equipped to break pattern, choose a new narrative, and implement changes that fill your life with the love you desire. You will also be empowered to LIBERATE YOURSELF, set healthy boundaries, and to transform or end unhealthy relationships. I share insights on how I reframed relationships with my parents, siblings, lover, children, friends, coworkers, and clients. I also include techniques that help you work through transforming your relationships in healthy ways. Be warned. There is NO ‘fluffy’ advice in this class. NOONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Codependence is a WAR of WILLS. I fought my way out. YOU MUST LIBERATE YOURSELF from the oppression and imprisonment that’s held your ability to LOVE YOU FIRST AND BEST captive.  What You Will Explore Prices and Payoffs of CodependencyThe Origins and Modern-Day Faces of Your Inner VictimThe Origins and Sustainability of Your Inner RescuerThe Sovereign Nature of Your Inner VillainThe Depth of Pain Hidden by Your Inner AddictImplementing Your New NarrativeDissolving Love that Hurts More than it HealsLearning the Difference Between Friends and Fri-enemiesDetoxing Your Toxic RelationshipsIdentifying Energy ZappersReleasing and Letting GoThe Value of Self-CareThe Power of No YOU RECEIVE:Self-Love Deficit (Codependence 1.0 Course) ($997 value)Creating Healthy, Loving, Functional Relationships (Codependence 2.0 Course) ($997 value)Putting Yourself First Self-Healing Exercises and Practices Guided Meditations including DNA Activations All digital content delivered via email.

Cancel CODEPENDENCE with Self Love: Put Yourself First without the Guilt

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