This bundle of healing energetics is ideal for anyone transitioning from the restrictions of organized religion into the freedom of spirituality. The activations in this bundle assist with transcending religious dogma, gaining comfort with your divinity, awakening from the dream, awakening to your soul’s dharma, and unlocking the mysteries of you. The 5 activations included in this bundle are:


Collective Church Deactivation

The Collective Church activation disconnects us from a variety of programs that may hold healers and those wanting to heal themselves in lack of abundance. These include the programs that healers are not allowed to make money, or that one must give one’s money to the Church. This brings you the Creator’s truth about all the churches of the world. It disconnects you from limiting religious constructs, including the beliefs that suffering for God is necessary; that healer must work for free or give all their earnings to the church; that it is forbidden or impossible to communicate directly with God; or that there is only one true religion. It also removes all oaths, vows, or contracts from past lives as monks or nuns and clears trauma associated with serving the church.


Unwinding Religious Programming

There are times when we are entangled in limiting beliefs from religious conditioning about the flow of abundance into our lives. This Sacred Activation clears out those belief systems & reconnects you to what the essence of Abundance is by connecting you to the feelings & the energy of what Abundance truly is and how you have the right to access it regardless of your religious affiliation.


Archangel Raziel

This activation is included in the ARCHANGELS series. It attunes you to the vibration of the Archangel Raziel and gives you an opportunity to connect with and receive messages from this celestial host. This angel specializes in sacred mysteries of Universal proportions, higher levels of consciousness and spiritual insights. It knows the mysteries of the universe and can assist with unlocking the mysteries of you.


Awakenings Pt. 1

This activation is 1 of a 2 part series perfect for newcomers to conscious living.  It is an energy boost, refresher, or reset for those who have been walking the path for many years. With the help of a host of guides including Mary Magdalene and Metatron, this package supports cultural wound release, setting boundaries, neutralizing drama, removing parasites, fearing the worst, sacred geometry, reconnecting with love, miracles, decision making, being stuck in the past, learning through suffering, feeling lost, and much, much more.


Platinum Ray Activation

This activation is included in the Healing Power of Color series. It attunes you to the vibration of the color Purple and the healing vibrations associated with the hue both in the physical and auric bodies. This activation will assist with soul level healing, magic, divine order, transformation, karmic healing, color healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing, mental clarity and world peace.


Please Note: ALL sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

Spirit Medicine Bundle


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