This series includes more than 50 activations assisting with release of emotional baggage from the heart, nervous system and auric field. 

In addition to a class explaining emotional alchemy, this offering includes 13 prerecorded activation sessions assisting with resolving anger, resentment, feeling stuck, self judgement, disappointment, jealousy, doubt, unhappiness, regret, guilt, shame, blame, and fear. Holding onto these emotions over time becomes disempowering and even debilitating if held for years. 

The sacred energies transmitted cultivate peace, love, gratitude, appreciation, joy, honor, success, support, satisfaction and healing energy that supports you creating emotional balance in your life. 

When you feel better your passion for life increases which opens the way to more positive experiences and possibilities. 

Please Note: This sessions are prerecorded and will be sent via email for download.

TRANSMUTATION: Activations For Emotional Alchemy


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