According to Wiktionary a creatrix is a female who brings forth or produces; a mother, female founder, or authoress. Your womb is your cauldron of creation. 
What have you been giving birth (life) to?
Are you satisfied with your creations?
Do you suffer with painful periods, heavy bleeding, or PMS?
Did you have complications during childbirth?
Have you had an abortion, miscarriage, or hysterectomy?
Is your sex drive low?
Have you survived sex trauma such as childhood molestation or rape?
Do you have sex when you don’t want to?
Are currently with a partner that doesn’t satisfy you sexually?
Would you like to have better sex?Did you know your womb has a consciousness and regularly speaks to you?
Did you know your manifestation is affected by the health of your womb?
Mastery of your feminine nature begins in the holy grail of your womb. If you’ve never completed womb work or simply need a refresher this program is for you. This course will bring you into a deeper understanding of your monthly moon time, your beauty, release baggage, embody your sensual nature, orgasm regularly, neutralize sexual shame, heal sexual trauma, relinquish childhood baggage, improve your body image and so much more.

WOMB HEALING: Reclaim Your Inner Goddess & Sexual Power

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