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It’s time to move on, ladies. You can’t do it looking backwards, singing the blues, or by beating yourself up and self sabotaging yourself to be right about how bad you fuckup....

If you had a murderer in your mist would you feel comfortable?


So, why do you expect to be better at being you

when you are harboring a murderous emotion targeting your HEART and your MIND. 


I should have done.....🎶

I wish I would have but......🎤

I could have but I didn’t....🎵


Drop the mic and take the class.


 Participants will receive my lecture on overcoming regret. In this class, I define regret and provide a 6 part process of healing the emotional pain. Additionally, I've included 4 weekly assignments 

to help you understand and transform the pain of regret. All content  is accessible from your smartphone or laptop. So, take the whenever and wherever you’d like. 


Lets clear regret up and out of your life.


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