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I had a student struggling with relationships because of codependence. This prompted me to reread Melody Beattie’s book Codependent No More. I thought I’d gotten all that I need when reading the book the first time. (I love it when the Universe reminds me that evolution is a continuous process.)


Turns out, not only was my student showing up in relationships codependent but so was I. Naturally, I took a deeper look at the subject and myself. What I found was three archetypes linked to this self sacrificing behavior. The VICTIM, the RESCUER, and the VILLAIN. The deeper I looked at me, I came to realize that I was playing all 3 archetypes. Yes, the people I related to also played these roles but ultimately it came back to me. In many instances, I had chosen to become a victim to someone else’s will rather than being a ‘stand’ for MY OWN WILL.


It took me a year to transform my connections into health relationships. In some cases, it was more beneficial, for me, to SEVER TOXIC ATTACHMENTS. That’s exactly what I did. I learned some VALUABLE LESSONS in the process. With this offering, I share wisdom gleaned, from the victim, rescuer, and villain archetypes. I've also added a bonus call on the ADDICT archetype from the advanced course , Codependent 2.0. 


Be warned. There is NO ‘fluffy’ love and light advice in this class. Codependence is a WAR of WILLS. I fought my way out. You must do the same.


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