Here's what our clients are saying....

I was introduced to Capricorn when I was invited to join Goddess Temple. I have participated in a couple of her Womb Wellness Intensives and been very pleased with the results. I have benefited on emotional, physical and spiritual levels from this work.  She is very intuitive and the support Ive received from her and the group during the past couple of months has been phenomenal.  I was not sure about taking a workshop that was not in person, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked out.  Each of us was able to work through the assignments at our own pace and be there to support each other in whatever way needed. At this point in time, I am more balanced than I have ever been in my life and feel the key has been the work I did during the Intensives and the activations received from Capricorn Shamaness.  I highly encourage anyone who is considering working with her, to give yourself the gift of doing so, you will definitely be blessed.

~K. Rice