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Goddess Rise and answer the call of your soul. Make yourself complete, honest, and whole.


The Heroine's Journey

The Heroine's Journey is designed to provide you with the opportunity to assess where you are, how you got there, and what’s next. You’ll be inspired to replace conditioning and beliefs that have been an obstacle in your path with passionate, empowering, and purposeful beliefs which support your goals. You will have opportunities to:

Learn the value of honoring your COMMITMENTS

Become willing to venture outside of your COMFORT ZONE to achieve your goals.

Experience the value of BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

View past experiences as an EMPOWERING CATALYST for your future.

Learn the value in creating WIN-WINs.


Experience the power of CHOICE.

Understand the value of ACKNOWLEDGING and SHIFTING through negative feelings.

Get clear about what MATTERS MOST to you.

Discover the VALUE of listening to your INNER VOICE.

RELEASE pain from your PAST in order to CREATE your FUTURE.

LEARN how to overcome circumstances to reach your GOALS.

PREPARE for The ALCHEMIST, Part II  – The Queen's Advanced Life Principles (ALPS)

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