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Children are sponges of their environments. A child’s identity is formulated by the age of six. The EXPERIENCES, ENVIRONMENT, PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and AUTHORITY FIGURES influencing them are literally SHAPING who the child believes themselves to be. SELF WORTH is formulated in these early years. Most people struggling to with low self esteem have been nurturing that toxic image since before they were old enough to start school. People that have a hard time focusing on or taking care of themselves usually learned their self defeating, self sabotaging, and self abandoning behaviors in CHILDHOOD.


For instance, the PROGENY of a perfectionist may choose to  take on the perfectionist persona,  judge themselves as being inadequate for not being perfect "ENOUGH", rebel against perfectionism,  or FORMULATE AN IDENTITY that is a hybrid of all three. Regardless of the path taken, this child grows into an adult wired for ‘perfection’. Their SELF IMAGE and SELF WORTH are steeped in a kindergartener's interpretation of the parent's perfectionism. Most  adults never RECOGNIZE the INNER CHILD staring back at them in the mirror without WILLFUL SELF AWARENESS, love and support. 



Do you avoid intimate vulnerable connection?

Are you still haunted by old painful memories?

Do you avoid nature or outdoor activities?

Would the people closest to you label you as childish or irresponsible?

Is it a challenge to put yourself first?

Were you mocked or bullied regularly as a child?

Answering “Yes” to any of the above questions may be an indication that you inner child is in need of healing.



During your 3 month mentorship, you will learn the SIX FACES of YOUR INNER CHILD, REVITALIZE a SENSE OF SELF , create a SELF CARE REGIMENT, improve SELF AWARENESS, and INCREASE SELF LOVE.




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