The Liberator

 (6 Month Mentorship Program)



The liberator archetype frees one from oppression or imprisonment. During our 6 months together, I will empower you to liberate yourself from the attachments of codependent relationships. Make no mistake it will be a challenge. If you ready to face the saboteur staring at you in the mirror, let me be your guide.


After listening to Melody Beatrice’s audiobook Codependent No More, I spent 6 weeks studying the topic with a group of students. It took me an entire year to implementing what I’d learned and unravel the toxic mess that codependence had wreaked on my life. I’m not a fluffy teacher so I won’t pretend that it was all “love and light”. It was hard work but I was more committed to me than I was to the relationships that were draining me.


It is time for you to liberate yourself. Together, we’ll uncover your patterns and relationship to each of the 3 archetypes enabling your codependence (the Victim, the Rescuer, the Villain, and the Addict). After which, I will support you in choosing and implementing a new empowering narrative.



Module 1 – Understanding the Prices and Payoffs of Codependency

Module 2 – The Origins and Modern Day Faces of Your Inner Victim

Module 3 – The Origins and  Sustainability of Your Inner Rescuer

Module 4 – The Sovereign Nature of Your Inner Villain

Module 5 - Origins and Cravings of the Addict

Module 5 – Activate Your Liberator to Free Yourself

Module 6 – Implement Your New Narrative

Module 7 - Healing the Mother Wound

Module 8 - Healing the Father Wound

Module 9 - Healthy Relations with Your Kids

Module 10 - Healing Dysfunction in Romantic Relating

Module 11 - Healthy Relations with Friends

Module 12 - Healthy Relations with Coworkers and Clients




24 Weekly Private Mentorship Sessions ($5,200 value)

Course Material ($1,500 value)

Homework Assignments

Codependent Neutralizing Frequencies

Unlimited Email Access to Capricorn Shamaness



Access to Capricorn’s Vault of Resource Material

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$2,777.77 (Paid in Full) 



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