Did you know the womb has a CONSCIOUSNESS?

Did you know your MANIFESTATION is affected by the health of your womb?

What have you been giving BIRTH (life) to?

Are you satisfied with your CREATIONS?

Do you suffer with painful periods, heavy bleeding, or PMS?

Did you have complications during CHILDHOOD?

Have you had an abortion, miscarriage, or hysterectomy?

Is your SEX DRIVE low?

Have you survived sex trauma such as childhood molestation or rape?

Do you have sex when you don’t want to?

Are currently with a partner that doesn’t satisfy you sexually?

Would you like to have better sex?

I took a DEEP DIVE into WOMB HEALTH after attending a workshop during which I made a conscious connection with my womb. It simply BLEW MY MIND. I mentioned what I was up to, to a few mentees. They  asked if I would share what I was learning. I did and the Womb Wellness Intensive was born.

Over the course of several months, we practiced DAILY DEVOTION, RITUAL BATHS, SHADOW WORK, AND SELF HEALING TECHNIQUES. Week after week, we stayed the course. We released. We learned. We grew. We healed. We gave birth to parts of ourselves that we didn’t know existed.


During this 9 week course we covered:

Womb Anatomy


Self Love

Releasing the Past

Ancestral Clearing

Yoni Gates

Family of Origin

Relationship to Food

Relationship to Money

If you’ve never done womb work, please consider the Creatrix mentorship program. A lot will come up. You will benefit from being supported on this journey. For those choosing self study over coaching, take your time and exercise self acceptance and compassionate.